Manta Rays and Humans

Manta Rays and Humans

Relation Between Manta Rays and Humans

The interactions between humans and Manta Rays aren’t always clear. Depending on which information you come across you may see them as very calm creatures or as ones to be very afraid of. Knowing the truth though will help you to put such fears to rest once and for all.

It seems that the Manta Ray is very curious when it comes to humans. They tend to gather around those that are scuba diving. While these creatures don’t pose a threat to humans the interaction can be deadly for them. When a Manta Ray touches a human their mucus membrane that protects them can be removed. As a result they are very susceptible to various viruses and bacteria found in the water.

However, some researchers know the right way to touch them so that this doesn’t happen. They have been seen in the water teaching these animals through various hand signals. They can also give divers rides which is very fascinating to see as they move effortlessly through the water. Sometimes it is because they diver wants but there are also reports of them doing it to help humans in trouble under the water back to safety.

All of these adventures have proven that the Manta Ray is highly intelligent. There are many remarkable stories out there that let us know that they are definitely calm creatures with the ability to process information. It is also believed that they remember where to find the best feeding spots.

Manta Ray and Humans

Manta Ray and Diver

This is a very different scenario from the past where the Manta Rays were believed to be devils in the water. Many stories were out there about them circling boats and attacking humans. It is now believed that these creatures do circle boats out of curiosity. That may have been extremely scary to those on board due to the size of these creatures and the way that their bodies look. However, there is no evidence to show that they have ever attacked humans.

There is some evidence though to show that Manta Rays have jumped on boats before. This has created some damage to them. Researchers believe that this jumping though is part of their natural instinct to remove parasites from their bodies. It could also be an event that females take part in before they are about to give birth. No one really knows why they do this but it could have to do with moving the offspring into position to be born.

In many cultures, the Manta Ray has been heavily hunted by humans. This includes Peru and the Philippines. In these areas this animal is still used for meat. In other areas though including Hawaii they are heavily protected in their natural environment. There are some types of conservation out there but without knowing just how many of them exist it isn’t always easy to get support for such efforts.

Many parts of the world where the Manta Rays are found end up making money from them. They host adventures that take people into the water to explore these animals. They also rent them the equipment that is necessary to be under the water. Such programs are generally very well operated and ensure that the Manta Rays aren’t harmed in any way during the process. This is also an excellent way to get more people to understand how gentle they are. For many individuals, such a personal experience evokes a strong desire to help these animals to be protected.